Ericsson innovated a next-generation AI network. They promised it would predict network problems, provide solutions, and optimize performance. It was genius. But it didn't exist. Yet.

The Challenge


Ericsson needed to sell the future – today. Their revolutionary technology was genius. But, it was intangible and without form.

The Solution


Meet ADA. To translate the imaginary innovation, Titus Klein designed an interactive physical representation of Ericsson’s AI platform. We brought technology to life with branding and industrial design. ADA promised to simplify network engineering. To deliver that promise, our interface provided a simple view into ADA’s complex mind.

The Outcome


We humanized an otherwise robotic technology. This approach translated Ericsson’s tech into a welcoming and dynamic experience. At MWC, people got to see it, touch it, and feel it. We created a tactile technology experience generated customer contracts from the world’s largest technology companies.

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