Consumer Electronics


A digital answer to an analog problem. Espy needed to build trust with consumers that when things get lost, Espy gets to work.

The Challenge

Bluetooth doesn’t work

Espy uses IoT to solve the problem of losing things. They innovated the world’s first personal tracking device powered by IoT low power mobile network. Now you can find anything, anywhere, anytime.

The Solution

Fashion + Tech

Espy made a promise. They promised that this beautiful device would enhance your life and style. And it should, because Espy travels with you – everywhere. An inspired design and user experience would deliver the beauty and usability of their innovation. Titus Klein introduced Espy as the world’s first fashion accessory that can find your stuff anywhere, anytime. Our sleek design visually communicated its benefit and simplicity.

The Result

Early Adoption

Elegant and sleek design enticed early adopters to use Espy every day. Espy aimed to be essential, and design was the springboard to launch their product, grow consumers, and ultimately, deliver their promise.

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