Most innovation and marketing teams in high tech companies struggle with leveraging design to sell their products. Having worked with innovators for over 15 years, we understand how daunting the marketing and design process can be. In this time, Titus Klein developed a unique framework that helps these companies leverage branding and design to ensure the success of their IoT, AI and tech products.



Innovation is not a one-off effort, but a continuous process. Using our innovation-focused design framework, we’ve helped innovation and marketing teams unleash the potential of their technological advances by bridging the gap between R&D, product, and marketing teams to create revolutionary new products.

Titus Klein focuses on turning your teams ideas and concepts into viable commercial products and revolutionary ecosystems that drive revenue and serve as a foundation for growth. Working with startups, we’ve helped innovation and marketing teams like yours launch over 200+ products in the last 15 years.

Jared Booye

Principal / Creative Director

San Francisco-based creative art director, innovation designer and American businessman. Jared leads all business and creative directors.

Sean Burke

Creative Director / Head of Digital

A designer, digital inventor, and strategist. Sean leads all digital teams and guides clients through their digital initiatives.

Shawn Zimmerman

Creative Director / Head Branding

Shawn heads up all branding and visual teams and leads TK clients through the creative process and bring their vision to life.

Alisha Bertetta

Account Director / Head of Accounts

Alisha leads all account directors to seamlessly onboard TK clients. She makes the white paper experience smooth and painless.

Kate Shriner

Art Director / Head of Graphic Design

San Francisco Art Director. Kate leads all graphic art teams in the creation of both on and offline visual and communication design.



Let's Talk

30 Min Meeting

Discover how TK can help your team optimize design and marketing to launch effective campaigns.

Innovation Blueprint

TK will audit your specific structure and build a creative blueprint for your team and all initiatives.

Dedicated Creative Team

Do your teams have immediate needs? TK can assemble a team to help accomplish a single project.

Design Project

Discover how engaging a specialized innovation design/marketing team can accelerate the success of your launch and drive revenue.



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