Presentation is everything. You have a fantastic concept or idea, but you struggle with captivating your customers with a simple and impacting story. Through years of trial and error, TK has mastered the art of presentation. Our team can work with you to outline and design a pitch for your idea that will captivate your audience. We can help you simplify your complex idea into a beautiful, captivating presentation that sells.

Option 1

Workshop + Design

Half-day workshop with our top brand marketing strategists. Informed market strategy, brand analysis, and custom presentation.

Communication Design (Pitch Deck)
Marketing Copywriting
Competitive analysis
Brand Strategy
Target Market

Option 2

Strategy + Design

One-to-one collaboration with strategist/presentation designer. Work together iteratively to design your pitch deck.

Communication Design (Pitch Deck)
Content layout options
Content audit revision suggestions  
Visual competitive edge

Option 3

Reskin + Design

Top-level will work with you to design a unified look a feel for your pitch deck, resulting in a high-impact professional presentation.

Communication Design (Pitch Deck)

Unified clean design

Unique optional layouts

Organized template for future



Designing your Presentation

Start a Project

1. Strategy Workshop

Strategy, design and copywriting team will outline presentation, determine structure and finalize design direction,

2. Write Content / Wireframe

Our copywriting team will begin writing content and integrate it into a wireframe of your presentation.

3. Design / Animation

Our design team will begin designing your presentation taking a brand and build transitions.

4. Finalize Presentation

After we finalize the design TK will send a suite of assets in all needed formats including an online linkable version.



Set up a call with one of our creative directors to discover how you can leverage design to enhance the launch of your products.

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